Preparation workshop for REDDot Junior Debate Competition

Gain invaluable public speaking and critical thinking skills that will assist you throughout your school and work life! Competitive Debate encourages students to improve their argument building and comprehension skills, to learn more about the world around them, and helps students find their unique voice. Take your pick of RedDot Academy’s Debate Programmes and customise YOUR debate journey today!


About RedDot Academy

RedDot Academy is passionate about helping students and individuals become critical thinkers and persuasive speakers through the medium of debate. 
We are a community of individuals who are actively involved in Singapore’s debate circuit and comprise of accomplished debaters and coaches who have competed and coached at the highest level.

RedDot Workshop Registration

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    Debate Masterclass + 5 Sessions of Competition Coaching - $480 (2 x 3 hours masterclass & 5 x 1 hour individual coaching)

    Customised Competition Coaching Session - $80 (per 1 hour session)

    RedDot – Knovo Competition Preparation Workshops 2021 - $45 (per pax/ per 1 hour session)

    8 Lessons Point of View Primary Juniors Course Online 2.0 - Sold Out

    Back by popular demand, sign up for our Point of View Primary Juniors Course!

    Learn foundational concepts and ideas that will come in handy in life and in essay topics, under the guidance of our knowledgeable coaches. Students from all levels can join the course to learn about age-appropriate topics, as well as develop their individual critical thinking and argumentation skills.

    The classes would be priced at $45 per class for a total of 8 lessons.

    Debate Masterclass including 5 sessions of Competition Coaching

    Grow your skills in debating in the Debate Masterclass! Learn from greater skills of argumentation, framing, clash and actor analysis using drills and content lessons. This series will provide students with crucial critical thinking skills that will be useful in both competitive debating as well as in essay writing and daily life. After the masterclass, students will take part in five one-hour competition coaching sessions aimed at consolidating and deepening concepts learned through practice and spars.


    Customised Competition Coaching Session

    Dive right into the great big world of competitive debate with RedDot Academy’s Customised Competition Coaching Course! Suitable for both experienced debaters and students just getting started in competitive debating, our coaches will craft a curriculum that will establish the foundational abilities as well as argumentative finesse needed to kick start your competitive debating career. Coaches will provide constructive feedback and guidance throughout the competition training period, as well as during the competition itself so that students are aware of areas of improvement.


    RedDot Competition Preparation Workshops 2021

    Debating at a competition but you need top-up help? Want to refine your skills at motion-analysis for a specific competition? Want to nuance your persuasive speaking to take-the-win in a debate? Join the RedDot – Knovo Competition Preparation Workshops 2021. These unique workshops allow you to have customised sessions with 3 to 5 of your friends. You can all individualize your learning in preparation for the RedDot Juniors Online Debating Competition 2021 or any other debate event of your choice. Immediate verbal feedback by the coach will be provided during each workshop. 



    A three-day Round-Robin debate competition for ages 7-12, will consist of 5 Rounds of high-quality debates. Prizes and certificates will be given to all participants, and there will be a chance to receive top-notch feedback after every match!


    RedDot Academy December Camps

    Want to gain invaluable skills this December holiday that will assist you throughout your school and work life? Come & join RedDot Academy December camps that cover debating as well as speech & drama workshops for you to explore!

    RedDot Education Attendees Testimonals

    I really liked the event. My son enjoyed it a lot too he learn a lot and he can’t wait for the next event. The opportunity was really a special one where u can’t even get it at school and I found that the discussions as a whole was very wonderful as my son got to get with other debaters and gain insights about topics like our current education and what are the pros and cons about it. Over all this was the best debate session my son had ever been to.

    Berry Eclipsa

    My P5 boy likes Sunday Spars as it is so different from school. He learnt to organise his thoughts within a short time and present his argument fluidly. The coaches are very interesting and friendly that it makes debating so fun and engaging. Thumbs up!

    Anne Ong Siew Liang


    For Point Of View Primary Juniors Course Class Dates & Timing - Sold Out

    The classes would be held online on Knovo platform :

    Choose only 1 class slot, lessons would be held  2 days per week at the same timing for a total of 8 lessons *

    every Monday & Tuesday starting from 1st November 2021:

    1st Nov, 2nd Nov, 8th Nov, 9th Nov, 15th Nov, 16th Nov, 22nd Nov, 23rd Nov

    • Class Slot 1: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (Recommended for 7 – 8 years old)
    • Class Slot 2: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm (Recommended for 9 – 12 years old)
    Debate Masterclass + 5 Sessions of Competition Coaching Dates & Timing

    The classes would be held online on Knovo platform :

    Masterclass sessions are scheduled on:

    • 19th November 2021: 4pm – 7pm
    • 20th November 2021: 4pm – 7pm


    Individual coaching sessions are scheduled on:

    • 22nd November 2021
    • 24th November 2021
    • 26th November 2021
    • 27th November 2021
    • 29th November 2021
    Customised Competition Coaching Session Dates & Timing

    The classes would be held online on Knovo platform :

    We will get in touch with you to arrange for a session.

    RedDot Competition Preparation Workshops 2021 Dates & Timing

    The classes would be held online on Knovo platform :

    You can customised by the hour and be charged by the hour ($45 per pax / per hr). Participants can select from the available slots with designated coaches below. 

    Note: 3 to 5 Debaters (either according to teams / or if individuals, according to age: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 ) per workshop

    Time Slots on 15 November 2021:

    Coach Natalie: 2pm – 3pm & 5pm – 6pm
    Coach Kenneth: 9am – 12noon & 5pm – 6pm
    Coach Justine: 9am – 11am & 12noon – 2pm

    Time Slots on 17 November 2021:

    Coach Natalie: 2pm – 5pm
    Coach Kenneth: 9am – 12noon & 1pm – 5pm
    Coach Justine: 9am – 11am & 12noon – 2pm
    Coach Ian: 2pm – 4pm

    Time Slots on 18 November 2021:

    Coach Natalie: 1pm – 3:30pm
    Coach Justine: 9am – 11am
    Coach Ian: 4pm – 6pm

    Time Slots on 19 November 2021:

    Coach Natalie: 11am – 3pm
    Coach Kenneth: 9am – 12 noon
    Coach Justine: 9 am – 11 am

    Time Slots on 22 November 2021:

    Coach Natalie: 2pm – 3pm & 5pm – 6pm
    Coach Kenneth: 9am – 12 noon & 5pm – 6pm
    Coach Justine: 9 am – 12 noon & 1pm – 3pm

    Time Slots on 23 November 2021:

    Coach Natalie: 2pm – 3pm & 5pm – 6pm
    Coach Ian: 4:30pm – 6:30pm

    Time Slots on 24 November 2021:

    Coach Natalie: 2pm – 5pm
    Coach Ian: 2pm – 4pm

    Time Slots on 25 November 2021:

    Coach Natalie: 1pm – 3:30pm
    Coach Kenneth: 9am – 12noon & 1pm – 5pm
    Coach Ian: 4pm – 6pm

    Learning Objectives and Mode of instruction:

    Hands-on and inquiry-based with Socratic debate questioning. Participants will pre-indicate at sign-up whether they want help with specific competition-motion preparation or they want to work on the competition skills of content-argumentation, style and verbal presentation or rebuttal and refutation. The coach will guide the participants according to their pre-indicated learning objectives.

    Who are the Coaches?

    Coach Ian is a highly seasoned debater, being an 8-time Debate champion in competitions spanning multiple countries. Among his championship titles are the East Coast Debate Open, and the Singapore Polytechnic Debate Open. In addition, he has also made appearances in the finals of tournaments such as the Oldham Cup International Debating Competition and The Borneo British Parliamentary Championship. He also has had an extensive history in Debate as an organiser, adjudicator, and a mentor. His Adjudication Experience spans countries, having judged in tournaments such as the Singapore Pre-World Schools Debating Championship, Singapore Secondary School Debating Championship, South Asian Schools Debating Championship and the Malaysia National Schools British Parliamentary Competition. His passion for debate translates into his willingness and drive to educate our students into becoming better speakers and debaters. Ian believes that being outspoken and true to your ideals is not only important, but necessary in this highly volatile world.

    Ian remains active in both local and international debate circuits. He also has had prior teaching coaching experience for students ranging from 9 to 18, and thoroughly enjoys educating the youth.

    Coach Natalie is a seasoned debate educator who has been involved in debate related activities for more than half her life. She has coached students from age 10-19 in public and international schools for both recreational and competitive debate for over 6 years with her speciality in primary and secondary level coaching. She has adjudicated and panel-chaired up to the break-rounds, also acting as a team manager cum adult chaperone during numerous overseas tournaments. Her teaching motto is all about making learning fun. Natalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Trinity College certificate in TESOL.

    Coach Kenneth is a seasoned international debater who represented Team Singapore for 2 consecutive years. In that time, he finished 6th and 3rd in the world respectively. He has won 4 other international championships, including Croatia’s Winter Holiday Open which is Europe’s largest debating competition. He also has won 3 national debating titles and constantly finishes within the top 3 debaters for his age group in Singapore.

    Additionally, Kenneth is an avid public speaker, having been the youngest in his category to clinch the Plain English Speaking Awards which is Southeast Asia’s largest public speaking championship. Since then, he has emceed and judged at various national-level events including ACJC’s Orator’s Trophy.

    Kenneth is one of the top graduates from Raffles Institution and a recipient of the Singapore Police Force Book Prize, an award handed out only to the top 20 youths nationally in academic achievement. Kenneth believes that public speaking has the potential to transform students into more confident and intellectual versions of themselves and is excited to help them realise it.

    Coach Gareth is an experienced school’s debater who has represented Singapore 3 times and captained them twice. In that time, he led his team to a 6th and 3rd place world ranking. As well as 4 championship titles at an international level. He is also ranked more 5 times as the top 5 speakers of an international tournament. This includes ranking as the best speaker of the Asian schools online debate championships 2020 and Vancouver World Schools Debating Championships 2020.

    At present, his greatest passion is passing on the critical thinking and public speaking skills he learned from debate.