Written by Sunakshi Sinha 

It takes a mere second to return a plethora of choices when you search “online learning”. How do you know which one is for you, and caters to your individual strengths and weaknesses? The edtech industry is vast and deep, consisting of many segments such as educational video content, upskilling training, assessment and certifications. Whether you want to learn or teach, it is almost impossible to find a platform that does it all without compromising on the quality of education.


Knovo supports you from the moment you wish to begin and guides you throughout your learning journey at different stages in your life. From a student, a private instructor, a corporate individual to an avid lifelong learner, Knovo has the tools to enable both learners and instructors to share knowledge seamlessly.

Knovo provides in-house built virtual learning tools, including integrated classroom management and payment system to facilitate seamless synchronous and asynchronous learning for everyone. By leveraging its scheduling systems, virtual classrooms, content sharing hosting and hassle-free payments integration, you can focus on your goals to improve not just your knowledge but also your quality of life.

As Knovo stands for Knowledge Network Optimized for Virtual Operations, it is the perfect platform to achieve all of the above for both educators and learners. It was created to enable everyone to have access to learning opportunities, regardless of their background, age, and where they come from.



Interview with the FOUNDER OF KNOVO

Where did the idea behind Knovo originate?

“​​My mum was a housewife and when I was growing up, I saw how hectic her life was as she had to drop and pick me from different tuition centres, at least four times a week. Tuition was necessary for me – especially in Mathematics – because I used to be slow in this subject during my K-12 years. After a lot of researching, my mum found me an amazing tutor that brought a breath of new life to my approach on this subject. Because of my tutor, I went from hating Mathematics to actually loving it! I went from an F to an A, and that changed my life. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to earn a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Over the years working and meeting people all over the world, I discovered that beyond the basics, i.e.clean air, water, food, medical care and shelter – education is what a country and its people really need in order to flourish. But unlike Singaporeans, not everyone in the world has access to quality education. That is unfortunate and unfair.

That inspired me to create Knovo – which stands for Knowledge Network Optimized for Virtual Operations. Knovo’s top priority is to connect qualified educators to learners from all over the world digitally, so that all those who have a desire to learn, can access quality education without breaking the bank. What if my mum had access to a platform like Knovo back then? She could have found me the right tutor within her price range in a much more efficient manner, and then saved a lot of time because I could have attended all my lessons online.”

What is the vision for Knovo?

“In the near horizon, we hope to partner with big tech companies like Microsoft, Google or others, where we could work to distribute personal computers, digital devices for learners and communities in need to learn online.

Enterprises who are on the Knovo platform will reap the benefits of scaling businesses online through us; hence saving costs. Learners who are on Knovo will progress their online learning path powered with adaptive and predictive technologies for effective learning outcomes. We want to become a leading immersive learning network via interactive technology solutions which we will continue to build and deliver.


After all, we are a V.I.K.E. business, which stands for Virtual Interactive Knowledge Exchange.

As a V.I.K.E., we aggregate global learners and education providers; be it training, schooling or upskilling professionals on our platform to learn, teach and connect. Knovo has a growing suite of online tools – from virtual classrooms to enterprise management systems and matching algorithms, to enable our users to run their classes effectively online. We help learners to learn at ease; education enterprises to scale their businesses and individual instructors to teach, earn and grow their personal brand with our dedicated marketing services.”

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