Gateway to your knowledge universe

Delivering high-quality verified learning for all


Virtual interactive knowledge exchange

A virtual interactive knowledge exchange that delivers high-quality verified learning for everyone.

The EdTech network for all, as we work hard to converge educators and learners in one.

Designed to filter and funnel the best learning content and educators, making it easy for everyone to learn.


Knovo makes it easy for anyone who wants to learn and to be able to learn.

As a learner, you can:

  • Live & Interactive Learning 
    Enjoy active learning with live and interactive lessons via the Knovo Virtual Knowledge Interactive Exchange (V.I.K.E).
  • Set your learning goals
    Goal setters do better! Keep your learning on track by setting goals and measure your progress to success.
  • Showcase your profile, expertise and connections
    Create your profile on Knovo and showcase your knowledge through the certifications you have earned and connect with like-minded people with similar interests and expand your network.


Knovo lets you focus on what you do best – TEACH

As an instructor, you can:

  • Connect and Teach Actively
    Connect and interact with your students and other learners seamlessly via the chat features.
  • Make your online classrooms more interactive and engaging
    Access to a comprehensive range of digital teaching tools and resources to make your lessons better.
  • Get Rewarded
    Expand your network, build your expertise and earn money on each paid enrolment with Knovo’s secure payment gateway.


Advanced tools and features that allow businesses to manavirtge, promote and scale easily – all through Knovo.

As an enterprise, you can:

  • Unleash the power of digital transformation
    Automate workflows and empower your team for greater efficiency.
  • Extend your learning environment to improve student satisfaction and success
    Digitize and bring your lessons and materials online so you can reach out to more students.
  • Thrive and stay ahead of the game
    Full control over your content and lessons for a truly customized solution for your business.