Who's Knovo?

Knovo is a Singapore education technology (EdTech) brand created in 2021 to allow learners to access quality education and qualified educators from any country


Our Brand Values


We believe that knowledge is power and that is why we work hard to constantly upgrade our knowledge of our industry and our work.


We believe that no man is an island and that is why we work hard to build a strong network of like-minded strategic partners to help us grow.


We believe that the best way to succeed is by creating new opportunities for our stakeholders to learn, to grow, to become better, to succeed.


Internship Program

Welcoming students of undergraduate and graduate programs from all tertiary institutions! Join us for a rewarding internship experience where you get the chance to actively contribute and gain valuable experience from real-world projects. To intern with us, send a note about yourself to hello@knovo.io.