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Explore our array of courses and classes by qualified educators and enterprises.


Why learn with Knovo

Highly-Qualified Educators

We work with individual educators and education academies with proven track record and qualified subject matter experts.

Interactive Live Lessons

Lessons are conducted live via the Knovo Virtual Interactive Knowledge Exchange (V.I.K.E.) to ensure active learning.

World Wide Learning Options

Knovo is a global platform that allows you to access educators and materials from any country so you get what is best for you.

Plan & Track Your Own Progress

Knovo is integrated with intuitive tools that allow you to carefully plan your lessons and track your improvements.


A fun and creative way to learn. With this app, you can post questions that you are struggling with and get feedback from talented tutors right at your fingertips.


My son enjoys the lessons on Knovo as they’re always fun and interactive. It is easy to navigate, and lessons can be scheduled at our own convenience.


I find that the classes are very interactive and interesting. Since the Knovo platform is simple and intuitive, using it made learning easy for me!


I used to travel from house to house during my university days. Now, I can teach from the comfort of my home and have more free time to do other things.

Part-Time Tutor

What I appreciate most is the personalized attention I’ve received from the Knovo team. Knovo provides tools that make the virtual learning experience more engaging, including a content library, a built-in poll feature and a “whiteboard”.

Ruby Veridiano
International sustainable fashion journalist and educator

Broad selection
of courses

Explore the array of courses and classes by qualified educators and enterprises on Knovo, from K-12 to tertiary, professional and personal development courses.


Collaborate and work on files together

Enhance your learning experience with Knovo’s integrated tools which support interactive and active learning. Easily annotate and share files with your peers and instructors.

Knowledge Search and On Demand learning

Search the community for classes, instructors and relevant education enterprises. Users can also consult qualified instructors for one-off learning session.



Who is Knovo?

Knovo is a Singapore education technology (EdTech) brand created in 2021 to allow learners anywhere on the planet to access quality education and qualified educators from any country. Knovo is a contraction of Knowledge Network Optimized for Virtual Operations.

We believe education is the great equalizer that empowers people to transform dreams into reality. Unfortunately, with so much “knowledge” on the Internet, it is difficult for learners to choose what is right.

That’s why our Virtual Interactive Knowledge Exchange (V.I.K.E.) is designed to filter and funnel the best learning content and educators to learners and democratize education, making it easy for anyone who wants to learn to be able to learn.

What can I access on Knovo?

Designed to filter and funnel the best learning content and educators, as a learner, you will have access to highly-qualified educators and education academies with proven track record and qualified subject matter experts.

Simply browse through the classes or search for a instructor to find the one suited to you. Lessons will be conducted live so you can interact and ensure active learning with your instructor.

What are the fees like?

Signing up for an account on Knovo is free! As a learner, you will only need to pay for the classes you are attending through our secured payment gateway. Click here to sign up now.

How do I sign up and start using Knovo?

Sign up for an account with your email address here.

Knovo is a web-based application. To ensure optimal experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome.

If you are using the supported brower and still experience issues, please contact us through Whatsapp at +65 96707326 or email to

Can I access the virtual classroom without a Knovo account?

Yes! You can sign in as a guest user if you are joining a public classroom. If you are joining a private session, make sure you receive the password from the host of the session to enter the classroom. We recommend you create an account to enjoy perks and promotions. It’s free to sign up!


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    Online classes for various levels and subjects


    • Pre-School Tuition Classes
    • Primary School Tuition
    • Secondary School Tuition
    • Junior College Tuition
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Tuition
    • IGCSE Tuition
    • University Tuition


    • English Language
    • Chinese Language
    • Higher Chinese Language
    • Malay Language
    • Tamil Language
    • Mathematics
    • Additional Mathematics
    • Principle of Accounting (POA)
    • Science
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • General Paper
    • H1/H2 Mathematics
    • H1/H2 Chemistry
    • H1/H2 Physics
    • H1/H2 Biology


    • Digital Marketing
    • Management Skills
    • Marketing Skills
    • Business Foundations
    • Effective Communication for Board Members

    • [Coming Soon!]
    • Skills for Data Science Teams
    • Data Driven Decision Making
    • Software Engineering Skills
    • Soft Skills for Engineering Teams
    • Skills for Sales Teams
    • Product Manager Skills
    • Skills for Finance
    • Android Development Projects
    • Python for Everybody
    • Deep Learning
    • Machine Learning
    • AWS Fundamentals
    • Data Engineering Foundations
    • Data Analyst Skills
    • Skills for UX Designers
    • Excel Skills for Business


    • Capital Markets
    • Blockchain 101
    • Cryptocurrency Exchange
    • Decentralized Finance
    • Resume Writing
    • Professional Communication
    • Cybersecurity
    • Project Management
    • Human Resources
    • Personality Development
    • Build Confidence to Build Success
    • Empowerment

    • [Coming Soon!]
    • Python
    • Java
    • Web Design
    • SQL
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Data Science Free
    • Courses Content Writing
    • Full Stack Web Development
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • C Programming