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Achieve a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) Certification and advance to a full US Bachelors degree in 12-18 months.


Become the Digital Marketing PROFESSIONAL you want to be.

Training Vision Institute’s professional certification gives you an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the core essentials of digital marketing. Validated by the Digital Marketing Institute’s Industry Advisory Council, the learning content is primed and designed by experts and offers learners the opportunity to gain a globally recognized professional certification.

Future-proof your career by gaining the latest and most up-to-date digital marketing skills needed to thrive in today’s ever-evolving digital economy. By becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Associate, you will be prepared to take up a more evolved role in the overall marketing field and ensure you are equipped with the tools and skills needed to create a cohesive, effective online strategy.


Why Choose Training Vision Institute?


Advanced Diploma and Degree Pathways

Let the doors to new opportunities unlock themselves for you even after you receive your diploma.


Problem-Solving Practicum

Actively exercise your comprehension through interactive learning sessions based on real-world challenges.


Global Recognition

Finishing the course grants you the DMI’s widely recognized Certified Digital Marketing Associate Award


Our program consists of 3 main modules:

Progress to a full US Degree as you learn

As you course through the program, you will have the opportunity to choose the right stack to fit your study and career goals. This will allow you to enhance your skills in the best way you can.

Moreover, project based work with internships will also allow for engagement with prospective employers even before graduation. Throughout the course program you have the liberty to continue on with your study even while you achieve a gainful employment.

Beginning with our CDMP digital marketing certification, you can gain advanced standing towards achieving a Diploma and an eventual US University Degree.

  1. Attain a CDMA (Certified Digital Marketing Associate – 3 modules ) for only USD$1,000.

  2. Choose to continue and attain full industry-recognized DMI certifications i.e. CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professional – 6 modules ) only for another US$2,000.

  3. Attain a full Diploma in Digital Marketing and Content Marketing in Digital Marketing Institute Of Higher Education i.e. PDDMCS ( Professional Diploma In Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy ) for US$ 3,000.

  4. Advanced Diploma in Service Management ( ADSM – 14 modules) for General Business including leadership, planning, & processes, and people management for only US$ 2,000.

  5. Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing ( BSDM – 11 modules) by Cambridge College, USA. This program is an undergraduate degree in foundational business management core subjects with digital marketing specialization for another US$ 8,800 in only 12 months.




About the Training Provider

Training Vision Institute (TVI) is a leading training and human capital consultancy firm in Singapore. Founded in 1991 on the core belief in maximizing every person’s full potential, TVI continues to passionately offer high quality adult training and education to the industry and communities it operates in. Fueled by a passion for education, TVI has extended their programmes beyond Singapore, bringing them overseas to the Philippines.


I started my e-commerce and web development journey back in the year 2000. Those were the days where people are beginning to expose to online shopping and are very wary about e-commerce transactions, how they are going to pay received the goods etc. 

With over 20 years of self-explored mode, I chanced upon TVI Profession Digital Marketing in the Year 2020. After finding out the course curriculum, I decided to make good use of the subsidy that is available and signed up for the course. 

It is a very insightful 9-month Prog embarking on the DM journey and applying it to my scope of work too. 


This programme solidifies a beginner foundation in digital marketing. It enables the learners to inherit the essentials, understand the process, and enjoy better e-learning.

Zheng Wei

I completed my Certified Digital Marketing Professional qualification with TVI and I highly recommend TVI for their professionalism and their fantastic support. The trainers are knowledgeable and experienced and we benefitted lots by learning directly from these industry veterans.

I would also like to credit Camille from Student Support for being very understanding and supportive. She was very responsive and swift in resolving any issues that we had and ensuring that our learning journey was smooth and pleasant.

Highly recommend the digital marketing course with TVI. The skills would be very useful for anyone with their own business or looking to make a career switch into digital marketing.


I have to give my utmost recommendation to the trainers and TVI staff for helping us to gain digital marketing skills and make our learning journey an accessible and pleasant one. For those who are looking to refine their knowledge or attain marketing skills, look no further and attend TVI’s PDDMC course. It is definitely a recommended course for working adults and entrepreneurs who are looking to develop marketing skills for their profession or businesses.


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