Knovo Virtual Fair 2022

Looking for activities to do this December Holiday? Look no more! Join our Knovo Virtual Fair and take part in all of our partners’ trial lessons to stand a chance to win prizes at our lucky draw!

Best part of all, it is free for all learners. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


About Knovo Virtual Fair

Looking for the best enrichment activities in one place? join our Knovo Enrichment Virtual Fair this December holiday!

Hear from speakers focusing on various enrichment programmes suitable for all K-12 students. Explore different breakout rooms to learn more about each programme.

Take part in free trial lessons for your child for them to have free hands on lessons to get familiar with different enrichment programmes. complete all 3 trial lessons to take part in our lucky draw.

Stand a chance to win up to $500 in prizes!

Details on the fair

  1. Platform: Zoom
  2. Dates/Times: 10 December 2022, from 10am to 4pm (UTC +8)
  3. suitable for kids age 7 – 12
  4. Trial lessons by our partners: RedDot, Turing Ninjas, and Neuromath
  5. It is free for all learners to join
  6. Attend all the trial lessons by our partners to take part in a lucky draw

Virtual Fair Schedule

  • 10am: Opening Ceremony
  • 10:15am: Knovo Speaker 1
  • 10:35am: Free roam to different breakout rooms with different partners
  • 11am: Partner speaker 1
  • 11:20am: Partner speaker 2
  • 11:40am: Partner speaker 2
  • 12pm: Lunch Break
  • 1pm: Trial lesson by RedDot
  • 1:30pm: Trial lesson by Turing Ninjas
  • 2pm: Trial lesson by Neuromath
  • 2:30pm: Free roam to different breakout rooms with different partners
  • 3:00pm: Cahoot games related to the trial lessons for learners
  • 3:30pm: Lucky draw
  • 4:00pm: Closing and End of virtual fair

Our Partners

Lucky draw

Attend all our partners’ trial lessons to participate in a lucky draw! A chance to win up to $500 worth of prizes! (1 grand prize, 4-5 runner-up prizes to win)



Knovo Virtual Fair Registration