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Get the secrets to supercharge your child’s independent math thinking skills & learning process in this complimentary webinar for Knovo users. 

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The Secret Is… Pattern Thinking Skills!


Most parents don’t even know Pattern Thinking exists.  Unfortunately, it’s an advantageous skill that only a small percentage of the A-scoring children possess.

Having helped over 10,000 students transform their Math results by developing their Pattern Thinking skills, Mr Norman Tien, creator of multiple Math Thinking Programmes, has been featured on multiple media shows speaking on this very topic. This very same skill has helped Norman transform a class of 55 students from a neighboring school from “100% Fails” To “100% Pass” With Half Of Them Getting A 3-Grade Jump!

In our upcoming event, he will be personally sharing more about how you can help your child develop Pattern Thinking skills and start developing the right learning approach for Math and beyond!

In this webinar, take this chance to learn about:

1 Critical Mistake most parents make when their child is learning Math, causing them to dislike Math. (and why you should STOP your child from memorising and regurgitating formulas immediately for their own good!)

3 Techniques you can use to help your child to develop the Pattern Thinking Skills and be a smart, independent, creative math problem solver without your constant supervision.

6 Skills your child needs before Primary 5 in order to easily master any type of Mathematics & secure an advantage for life.

And much more!


About NeuroMath Founder and Trainer

Mr. Norman Tien started giving Math tuition at aged 19 to children who hated Math and thus scored way below average. Somehow, he has this gift with ‘problematic’ children which not many tutors wanted to take up such assignments too. He delivered results because he didn’t drill them with worksheets and assessment books. Instead, he took interest in their hobbies (like computer games, chess, Power Ranger toys, etc) and tailor-made the Math lesson plans and the Math strategies.

Noticing his ‘gift’ in this area, Norman then furthered his studies in cognitive psychology, special education for the gifted and those with learning disabilities, as well as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Through these, he was affirmed that his skill sets are not limited to reaching out to the late bloomers, but also the high achievers and the gifted ones as well.

While there are many big names in the Math tuition and enrichment market, what stands out in Neuromath is the ability to impart Math strategies and concepts that are meaningful to the students instead of plain drilling or forced memorization. Their students understand the concepts and apply the strategies to those Math problems. These skills are fundamental to solving real-life problems too, they are tools that serve them beyond academics!

What is Pattern Thinkers Math Crash Course?

The Pattern Thinkers Math Crash Course is a 2-hour interactive online class which covers the no. 1 mistake most parents make when coaching their own children in Math, causing them to dislike Math.

We will go through a live example of the skill above with a few math problems so that you can immediately understand how to spot whether your child is Learning Math the correct way. (instead of memorising – the wrong way)

Once you get this skill right, your child can finally be independent and grasp new concepts easily.


What would you be learning in the Math Crash Course?

The no. 1 mistake most parents make when coaching their own child in Math, causing them to dislike Math. (and why you should STOP your child from memorising and regurgitating formulas immediately for their own good!)

The 3 techniques you can use on your own to develop the Pattern Thinking Skillset in your child to help him be a smart, independent, creative problem solver.

Why P5/6 parents often regret not equipping their child with this ONE Skill earlier and their child is struggling to excel in Math now but it is too late.

A smarter approach to learn math thinking skills from an early age & build a strong foundation for Math naturally.

How to train your child to actually learn Math the correct way instead of drilling, blindly memorising & rote learning.

How to build the love for learning & optimise your child’s learning process.

How to unleash the true Math learning potential in your child… even if they hate the subject right now or are not “Math-people”.

How to utilise the power of self-learning to help your child become smarter math learners all on their own without your constant guidance!

The 6 skills your child needs before Primary 5 in order to master Pattern Thinking and secure an advantage for life.

And much more!


“Never knew my child was learning Math all wrong!”

My child was trying to memorise formulas and “vomit” them out when doing homework and practices, i thought this was normal until I learned the 2 core reasoning skills. Norman taught me practical examples of how to help my child learn math properly. I saw my child pick up a few things during the programme and I’m going to start doing more immediately.

Sally Tan, mother of 7 year old child

“Almost gave up on Math… now It’s one of his favourite subject.”

I didn’t know my DS hated math because he was learning the wrong way. After going through this programme and applying the methods, my son now proactively learns and studies math on his own… and his grades have started improving too.

Rebecca Chen, mother of 8 year old child

“Disaster prevented thanks to this workshop.”

My child’s grade were starting to get worse at 10 years old and I didn’t think much of it… now i can apply the 2 skills to prevent a disaster during major exam year. 

Judy, mum of 10 year old child

Daughter overcame “fear of math”

My daughter has developed a phobia to math/numbers as she was exposed to math drills since preschool. In an attempt to help her overcome this, I found a unique program math program that focuses on concepts & cognitive skills training. Since it was announced that there will be no exams for 7-8 year old students, I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to explore this.

I am delighted to find that my daughter is more confident in doing math sums & does not react with the same hesitation as before, as she is able to recognize patterns as a tool to solving questions.

I am happy & grateful to have found this program to help my daughter overcome her ‘fear of math’.

Mother of Isabella, 8 years old

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