RedDot Education Debate Programmes 2022

Knovo and RedDot Education are proud to launch our new debate workshops for 2022!

Debating is the perfect enrichment programme for ages 7 – 17 years old. Kids start by having fun and learning to speak confidently from a young age. As they grow older, students learn to elaborate on arguments, understand different points of view and express their opinions clearly.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get started on debating for free. Experience our regular classes every week with a qualified national debating coach, fully sponsored by Knovo! 



Free Regular Classes

Always wanted to try out debating or wonder what is it like? Join us now to discover and learn the following skills:

– Develop critical thinking skills

– Develop oral & written communication skills

– Build your confidence to speak more strategically and more!

We have 2 different classes, Juniors (7-12) and Seniors (13-17). No debating experiences are needed! Joining our debate classes will give you a head start and introduce you to the debating world. The best part of all, there are free sessions to be held every week. Try out our debate classes first before paying for the full price, start debating today!

For guide on enrolling in the classes please refer here.

Premium Online Debate Classes

Suitable for ages: 7 – 12 years old (Junior Class)
& 13 – 17 years old (Senior Class)

Lessons timing: Junior Class – Every Tuesday (6pm – 7pm or 7pm – 8pm, UTC+8)
Senior Class – Every Wednesday (6pm – 7pm or 7pm – 8pm, UTC+8)

Price: Junior Class – 4 Sessions for SGD $114 ($28/per session)
Senior Class – 4 Sessions for SGD $140 ($35/per session

Trainer: Mr Njuguna Macharia of Kenya

Our premium classes aim to teach students to succinctly express themselves clearly to those around them through using persuasive arguments. It aims to help students refine and hone their ideas to be more acceptable to those listening. In a world where students are taught to collect information passively, critical thinking is lacking in our generation today.

This series of customized classes focuses on growing the students critical thinking skills. Each class trains students to examine the topics they’ve been assigned on, through honing their thoughts, discarding concepts and theories that don’t make sense and adopt ones that do.

For more information on the classes, enquire here.


RedDot Education Classes Schedule

RedDot Online Debate Class Trainer


Trainer: Mr Njuguna Macharia

Meet our incredible trainer for RedDot’s classes, Mr Njuguna Macharia of Kenya. Macharia is a law graduate from Strathmore University, the top ranked university in Kenya. He has spoken in all Notable Finals in Africa, including the East African Universities Debate Championship 2018, The East African Round Robin 2020, Accra Open 2021, Pretoria Parley 2020, and the Pan African Universities Debate Championships 2019.

Macharia also has a lot of experience in the judging scene, he has been part of Chief Adjudication Panel (CAP) at 30+ tournaments worldwide. He has also judged finals at WSDC 2021, Oxford Pre-WSDC 2021, Oldham Cup 2021, Singapore Pre- WSDC 2021, Nanjing Schools 2021, AGRO Open 2021, Penn WSDC 2021, and more. Macharia has been an Invited Adjudicator (IA) at over 50 tournaments and counting.

With a vast experience in debating, Macharia continues to contribute actively in the debating scene globally.

About RedDot Education

RedDot Education  is passionate about helping students and individuals become critical thinkers and persuasive speakers through the medium of debate. 

They believe that the medium of debate imparts skillsets required of a 21st century workforce and enables individuals to better engage with society and the world they live in.

They believe that the medium of public speaking equips individuals with the necessary skills to gain an edge in the modern workplace as well as thrive in a society where being able to voice one’s opinion is becoming increasingly crucial.

They believe that the medium of drama develops individuals by enhancing their performance abilities and creative engagement with the world, especially in current times, when effective creative expression both at the workplace and the digital world is a strong advantage.


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    Short Preview of the classes

    RedDot Education Attendees Testimonials

    I really liked the event. My son enjoyed it a lot too he learn a lot and he can’t wait for the next event. The opportunity was really a special one where u can’t even get it at school and I found that the discussions as a whole was very wonderful as my son got to get with other debaters and gain insights about topics like our current education and what are the pros and cons about it. Over all this was the best debate session my son had ever been to.

    Berry Eclipsa

    My P5 boy likes Sunday Spars as it is so different from school. He learnt to organise his thoughts within a short time and present his argument fluidly. The coaches are very interesting and friendly that it makes debating so fun and engaging. Thumbs up!

    Anne Ong Siew Liang

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to contact Knovo?

    You may contact us at +65 9670 7326 for any enquiries.

    Where are the classes held?

    These classes are held virtually on

    How do I purchase a class?

    Video Guide on purchasing class from Knovo app.

    Why is the JOIN button disabled for my class?

    The JOIN button would only be enabled 30 minutes before class start time.