RedDot Circle Presents RedDot Junior Debate League 2022

Calling all debaters! Do you want to sharpen your wit against thinkers and speakers from all around the world? Look no further! We are pleased to announce the call for RedDot Junior Debate League 2022!


Need some preparation for the Debate Competitions?

Apply for our Dynamic Debater workshops for Primary and Secondary school! Students will be exposed to age-appropriate debate topics. Each student has the opportunity to start at Level 1 and progress to Level 3.

At each level, the content and skills thought will enable students to engage with world issues and see how to build arguments, construct clashes and progressively refine speaking skills.


RedDot Junior Debate League 2022

Wondering where do you stand among other debaters?

The RedDot Debate League compiles your score, where TOP 20 individual debaters and their teams will be ranked based on points that they gained by taking part in the RedDot Debate League Tournaments.

The tournament aims to create a platform for debate students to practice their debate skills and learn about various issues affecting the world today. The points you chalk up will make up your position on a league table so you are constantly challenging yourself.



    • To create a platform for mentorship, inspiration, and learning for young students.
    • To provide a platform where real-world issues affecting young people and the world are discussed and understood from diverse perspectives.
    • To enhance the ability of participants to think critically while developing their communication skills by having participants defend their ideas convincingly in front of a panel of judges.
    • Interaction with students from different schools from across the world to grow participants understanding of global perspectives.
    • Promote and instill values of tolerance and constructive discourse as a means of problem-solving among students.

Key features of the Tournament

    • The league competition is online
    • Providing the best judging from some of the top debaters and adjudicators worldwide
    • Number of teams for each league competition will be capped at 20
    • Each league competition comprises 3 rounds of prepared motions;
    • 2 winning teams will compete with each other on an impromptu motion to win the competition
    • All participants will be provided with all the reading materials on the debate theme before the tournament. This gives students adequate time to prepare for the topic and allows students to research further on the issues raised by the topic and gain more knowledge on the subject areas that students will be debating on;
    • The debate motions and reading materials will also be released 3 weeks before the competition to allow students adequate time to prepare for the competition.
    • Participants will also receive 10-15 minutes of video by assigned debate adjudicators on how they should debate the motion of each round.

RedDot Junior Debate League 2022

Thank you for your interest in the RedDot Junior Debate League 2022. There is no commitment at this stage. On receipt of your form, we will contact you to provide you with more details on the competition. Once all registration has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions on joining the competition.

By completing and submitting this form, you are registering your seat and consent to the creation of a student account on Knovo platform to facilitate the workshop on your behalf, and the collection of your personal information and use by Knovo in accordance with our privacy policy.


    Is this a physical or virtual event?

    The competition would be hosted virtually on Knovo platform. All participants would be given a learner’s account to log in during the competition period.

    If my child is joining as an individual, how will they be grouped?

    Your child will be grouped according to age & school level by RedDot Academy’s coaches.

    Our coaches will take the child’s previous debating experiences into consideration to provide them with the best learning experience through the competition.

    What's the difference between the competition, tournament and the championship?

    A tournament is generally used for any type of competition in which,, on one day or a few days, teams come together to compete.  The winner of the tournament may be called the champion, but you would not necessarily call the tournament a championship tournament.  Usually, championship tournaments refer to competitions at the end of a long season of games, during which the best teams in a league compete to determine who should be considered the overall champion of the league.

    One team playing one other team is a “competition.” A “tournament” involves multiple levels, like having the best 16 teams in the (world/country/region) compete to determine a champion.

    I have further questions regarding the debate competition.

    Please feel free to call or WhatsApp to share your queries with us 🙂